Purple coneflower: A miracle herb from North America

Purple coneflowers are pretty, which is easy to notice. Its wide petals and beautiful purple-pink color make it one of the favorites for many people. The plant has been cultivated in gardens for over 100 years in the United States. Purple coneflowers have a long blooming season that lasts for an entire summer. They grow in dry areas and can survive in partial shade. Three to six hours of sun is required each day to assure the plant grows healthy.

Purple coneflowers. /VCG Photo

Purple coneflowers. /VCG Photo

But what's more interesting about the purple coneflower is that it's more than just beautiful. The plant, along with other species in the genus Echinacea, is used by Native Americans to treat wounds, infections, snake bites and cough. The plant is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. You can find this herb in a variety of forms including Echinacea tincture and Echinacea salve.

But the effectiveness of Echinacea products to treat common cold is still up for debate; more evidence is needed to prove its potential benefits.

Here are some photos of this beautiful flower.