The Global Guardians: Spanish rescuer: The people's applause is our vitamins
Global Stringer

The DyA (Stop and Help) is a non-profit organization created in 1966. It originally provided assistance to victims of car accidents and has evolved into a top of the line rescue and relief service that provides sanitary and humanitarian services internationally.

Now, they are on the front line against COVID-19, transporting positive cases to hospitals in the Basque Country, making patrols to assure that confinement rules are respected, providing socio-sanitary help to whoever needs it and disinfecting medical centers, public building and senior residences.

Javier Ardanaz has 40 years of experience in this line of work. He is the chief of the Special Group for Rescue of Relief of the DyA in Biscay. He has conducted relief missions in many international disasters, like the tsunami in Indonesia, several typhoons in Java or the earthquake in Pakistan. But he has never fought an emergency like this one. This time he is fighting an unknown enemy right at his doorstep.

Stringer: Luis Carballo, Carlos Marlasca, Aldo Ferraris