NE Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park 2: Work for the future
Updated 21:49, 31-May-2020
By Xu Chenlu

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the revision of China's Wildlife Protection Law was a hot topic at this year's Two Sessions. In the forest of the Northeast China Tiger and Leopard National Park, Liu Guoqing, a forest ranger, shared his opinions and expectations. 

What do experts have to say about what he thinks? And how would deputies to the 13th National People's Congress who just came back from the Two Sessions respond to his expectation? Check out this video for the answer.

National Parks Have Their Say

At this year's Two Sessions, topics of wildlife protection have been brought up by both NPC deputies and CPPCC members, as the novel coronavirus was initially believed to be linked to game meat consumption. For people who have been working in the national parks, what's on their mind? What do they expect from the discussions in Beijing? How do the experts and NPC deputies respond to their concerns? 

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(Cover image designed by CGTN's Yu Peng and Feng Yuan)

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