A win-win solution for restoring the environment and enriching people

The Lancang River travels through the Lanping County in southwest China's Yunnan Province like a jade belt. In the past, the barren mountains on both sides of the river suffered greatly from water and soil loss because of natural disasters and other factors. The soil is also heavily salinized. 

Starting from 2020, the local government decided to plant 7,066.7 hectares of trees and cash crops in the coming three years to restore the environment and lift locals out of poverty. Many companies like Jinmangguo Company and Xikang Company have responded to the policy.

Cai Xiaofei who joined the Xikang Company to plant ginkgo trees and industrial hemp has benefited from the program. She used to earn over 100 yuan per week and could barely save any money. Now, her daily wage is almost the same as a week's living expenses. 

Various crops like mangoes, pomegranates, and Sichuan peppers are cultivated in the county. As of now, 1,600 hectares of land are planted with new crops and 20,088 villagers find stable jobs. Their average annual income has increased 1,000 yuan.

Go green and live rich

Ecological poverty alleviation is a poverty reduction model that combines ecological protection with poverty alleviation. Some areas suffer from poverty due to their harsh natural environment, while others lack sustainable and scientific ways to make use of natural resources. Through participation in ecological protection and development of ecological industries, villagers can be lifted out of poverty while protecting Mother Nature. This series not only uncovers the stories behind China's poverty alleviation policy, but also displays a portrait of ordinary people.

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