From nature to culture: Dulong women's butterfly facial tattoo

In the deep valley of Gongshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County in southwest China's Yunnan Province, the Dulong, one of the ethnic minority groups of China, live in the Dulongjiang Township. And some women of Dulong people have retained an ancient custom of facial tattoos, which adds to the mystery of this ethinic group of people. 

The reason behind the custom is unclear, but some scholars believe the butterfly shape facial tattoo may come from their worship of the butterflies.

The Dulongjiang Township is covered with lush forest and various butterflies flying in the valley have become symbols of freedom and happiness for the Dulong people. They hope the soul of a deceased person can turn to a butterfly so he will no longer have to suffer any pain or hunger. They used to treat butterfly as family, and were not allowed to kill the insects.

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(Video filmed by CGTN's Qing Xiaomeng.) 

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