How to make the dancing plant 'dance'
Zhao Ying

We consider most plants to be immobile, though they move slightly to follow light or gravity. The dancing plant, Codariocalyx motorius, is unique in that it can "dance" rapidly enough for us to see with our bare eyes. The dancing plant loves beautiful melodies and its leaflets will dance to the beat in an elliptical fashion. If you sing or play a noisy, tuneless song, it will probably give you a cold shoulder.  

The dancing plant is sensitive to sunlight and sound waves at a certain frequency and loudness. Even when there is no music, it can still move rhythmically when the temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. It is said it moves to track the sun or to avoid butterflies from laying eggs on its leaves. Watch the video to see the plant's mysterious dance!

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(Cover image taken by Zhang Chao; video filmed by Zhang Chao, edited by Zhao Ying.)

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