Symbols of Shanghai: Dishui Lake
Deng Junfang

Shanghai can no doubt meet all your expectations about a modern metropolis. At the same time, it also offers a perfect escape from city life. Dishui Lake, China's biggest man-made lake, is a solid choice.

Less than 80 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, Dishui Lake is an oasis of water and greenery. "Dishui" in Chinese means "a drop of water." The design concept of the lake derived from a planning program provided by German company GMP, which is "a drop of water from the sky falls into the sea with ripple floating layer upon layer.”

An aerial view of Dishui Lake. /CFP

An aerial view of Dishui Lake. /CFP

Dishui Lake has a diameter of 2.5 kilometers and covers an area of 5.56 million square meters. Construction of the lake finished in 2013.

There are three islands in the center of the lake – Star Hotel Business Task Island, Marina Sports Activities Island and Leisure and Entertainment Theme Park Island, where tourists have the opportunity to relax in peaceful green and water spaces. Other main attractions include China Maritime Museum, the country's first state-level maritime museum.

The landmark sculpture at the center of the Dishui Lake. /CFP

The landmark sculpture at the center of the Dishui Lake. /CFP

Meanwhile, a top-notch art center will be built on the lake in 2023. It will feature a 1,500-seat theater and a 400-seat multi-functional hall.

Spring and autumn are good seasons to visit.

(Cover image by Ma Zhiyuan)

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