Wanquan River: The 'Amazon River' of China

Tropical rainforests get tremendous amount of rainfall, which helps the formation of some of the largest rivers in the world, such as the Amazon. Located in the southeast of Hainan Island, the Wanquan River is the third longest river on China's southernmost island province. The river is known as the "Amazon of China" as it nourishes the tropical rainforests along the riverside, and nurtures inhabitants of all ethnic groups.

About 'Go! Hainan' series:

Featuring unspoiled tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and a rich culture, Hainan Province is the southernmost island province of China. Nicknamed "China's Hawaii," Hainan is on its way to becoming a free trade port. The "Go! Hainan" livestream series takes you on a new journey to explore the fantastic island and its underwater world. 

(Video edited by Xing Fangyu, cover image designed by Yu Peng)

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(cover image designed by CGTN's Yu Peng) 

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