China's vaccine map: Aid more countries with 1st EU GMP certificate
Updated 13:17, 05-Apr-2021

Editor's note: This is the latest weekly wrap-up of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines' contribution in the global fight against the virus. 

With a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine receiving the first Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate issued by the Hungarian authorities, Chinese jabs are reportedly a step closer to becoming a global public good.

Confidence in Chinese vaccines boosted

The China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm) announced on Saturday that its COVID-19 vaccine has acquired the GMP certificate issued by the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYEI), becoming the first Chinese COVID-19 vaccine to receive such a certificate.

Besides enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese vaccines in Europe, vaccine experts told the Global Times that the issuance of this certificate will boost small European countries' confidence in Chinese vaccines as the continent struggles with the low roll-out and uneven distribution of vaccines.

"This decision made by Hungary can provide a reference for the future approval of Chinese vaccines in other EU countries, which will also lead to more recognition of Chinese vaccines in the EU," Feng Duojia, president of the China Vaccine Industry Association, was quoted by the Global Times as saying.

At least 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from Sinopharm have been supplied around the world. 


More donations and purchases on the way

China is donating COVID-19 vaccines to 80 countries and three international organizations besides exporting them to over 40 countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Tuesday.

Hua said China is also cooperating with over 10 countries in vaccine research, development and production.

In the past week, six new countries received Chinese vaccines and more countries intend to purchase more Chinese vaccines.

Lebanon became the latest Asian country to receive the first batch of Chinese vaccines as the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) delivered a batch of COVID-19 vaccines to the Lebanese army on Sunday at their request.

Georgia, Sri Lanka and Nepal also received their first batches of Chinese vaccines in the past week.

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday morning welcomed a batch of 600,000 doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines donated by the Chinese government, tweeting that "Thank you! people of #China for prioritizing #lka in this battle against #COVID19 pandemic."

Ethiopia in east Africa and El Salvador in central America were also the two newest recipients of Chinese vaccines in the past week.

Meanwhile, other countries either began or continued purchasing Chinese vaccines to help them fight the ongoing pandemic.

For example, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and the Philippines received their first batches of purchased Chinese vaccines. Meanwhile, Bolivia and Zimbabwe respectively got their second and third shipments of purchased Chinese vaccines.

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