'China in the Classics': Instructions for Practical Living

This episode of "China in the Classics" is based on the classic "Instructions for Practical Living." This work records the philosophical thoughts of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) thinker, stateman, military general and educator Wang Yangming. It consists of his lectures and remarks in academic discussions recorded and compiled by his disciples.

The classic reflects Wang's exploration of thought throughout his life and its content is the creative inheritance and development of Confucianism. The "unity of knowledge and practice" and "extension of innate knowledge" have become one of the most representative propositions in the history of Chinese philosophy, and have had a far-reaching impact on the ideological development of China and East Asia in general.

This program features actors Xin Baiqing, Wang Sen, Cheng Feng, Guo Qiucheng and others. Using a multi-space immersive stage, it illustrates the events by way of a dialogue between "contemporary reader" Sa Beining and "ancient writer" Wang Yangming.

The drama presents the core ideas of "Instructions for Practical Living" to the audience. The ideas of "unity of knowledge and practice," and "extension of innate knowledge" are integrated with the ups and downs of Wang's life, vividly showing China's national spirit and essence of thought contained in this classic work.

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