'China in the Classics': Travels of Xu Xiake

This episode of "China in the Classics" is about "Travels of Xu Xiake" – the first geographical masterpiece written in the form of travel notes. It records the terrain, landform, folk customs and social life of many places. It laid the foundation of modern Chinese geography.

This episode features actors as Jia Yiping, Xi Meijuan, Guo Haolun and Liu Guanlin. It presents a dialogue between "contemporary reader" Sa Beining and ancient travel writer Xu Xiake on a multi-dimensional immersive stage. This dialogue takes place across hundreds of years of time and space, with Xu traveling to the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve and drinking water from the source.

The episode, with Xu's ambition of "being at the blue sea in the morning and at Mount Cangwu in the evening" at its core, presents his fruitful life in mountains and rivers as well as his spirit of exploration, idea of green ecology and love for the mountains and rivers of our country embodied in his classic work.  

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