'We Talk' World Cup Edition: One-legged football team in Sierra Leone
Global Stringer

Argentina won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after a dramatic final against France that ended in a penalty shootout. In the past one month, we saw the joy of victory but also many heartbreaks. Although the World Cup is over, the story of football never ends.

In Sierra Leone, there is a special disabled football team, The Flying Stars. In the team, most of the players are victims of war. The training ground is just a patch of sand in the capital Freetown, and they don't even have a decent goal. However, physical disabilities and difficult conditions won't affect their love of football. Many players say football has made them "reborn." And their attitude towards life affects the whole city, even the entire country. Today, let's follow CGTN Stringer to the seaside field in Sierra Leone and listen to their stories.

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