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How does China regulate generative AI use, curbing 'face theft'?


Unlawful incidents caused by AI, such as "face theft," are not uncommon in the digital era.

China has been taking action to align with the global trend of addressing the risks and ethics associated with AI technology.

A regulation effective since January 2023 on the deep synthesis of internet-based information services clearly specifies that content providers need to mark generated pictures, videos and other content.

Additionally, the interim regulation on the management of generative AI, which took effect in August last year, states that content generated by AI shall not infringe on the portrait rights of others, and AI-generated images, videos and other content should be marked.

Mainstream social media platforms in China have also been taking measures to align with the country's goals of fostering responsible development and standardized applications of generative AI.

AI-related subjects have been in the spotlight at China's Two Sessions in recent years. So is this year.

Follow CGTN's Guo Meiping and her "twin sister" to learn more about China's AI-related regulations.

(This video contains content generated by AI; cover image by Yin Yating.)

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