CGTN Nature: Jianfengling Series | Episode 8: Rainforest Gullies

Over the millennia, river erosion has created marvelous landforms while nourishing abundant wildlife in the Jianfengling tropical rainforest.

Flora and fauna thrive in the forest gullies at an altitude of 200-750 meters above sea level.

Regulated by the self-sufficient hydrologic cycle, the unique rainforest ecosystem is well preserved and it benefits all beings that rely on Mother Nature.

About CGTN Nature

In the Jianfengling Series, CGTN unfolds the amazing biodiversity in the Jianfengling tropical rainforest. Located in China's southern island province of Hainan, Jianfengling Mountains are home to about 80 percent flora and fauna species on the island. Fascinating natural phenomena make it a gene bank in the northern rim of the tropics.

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