Hong Kong airport operated smoothly despite protesters' "stress test"
Updated 18:32, 11-Sep-2019

Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), held a press conference on the protests on Tuesday, acknowledging the coordinated deployment of various parties that maintained smooth operation of Hong Kong International Airport during the weekend. 

Lam said it is necessary to thank all of those involved in the relevant arrangements to maintain the smooth operation of the airport, including civil servants, airport authority staff, MTR staff, and so on.

On Saturday, online messaging forums used by the largely leaderless movement have called for protesters for a "stress test" at the airport in that afternoon, filling up with suggestions on how to disrupt the road and rail links leading to the terminals. 

It was supposed to be their first mass mobilization, since the announcement of the formal withdraw of the fugitive bill last Wednesday. But this time, many of the demonstrators did not respond. 

With the coordinated effort of the Hong Kong police, Hong Kong Airport Authority, and the MTR Corporation, the Hong Kong International Airport operated smoothly. 

However, protesters turned to occupying roads and damaging MTR stations after their airport protest was foiled .

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Travel chaos

In recent weeks, the airport — the world's eighth busiest — has become a repeated target of protests. 

The airport handles around 200,000 passengers every day. Hundreds of flights were canceled due to massive unauthorized sit-in at the airport, costing the city a huge price. 

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(Comic and infographic by Li Jingjie)