Landmarks of Macao: Travessa da Paixão
By She Jingwei

What makes Macao a great place to explore on foot are some of the historic small alleyways and streets. The final episode of "Landmarks of Macao" takes you to explore the most romantic lane in Macao – Travessa da Paixão.

Dubbed the "romantic lane" in Macao, Travessa da Paixão, meaning love lane in English, refers to passion and romance in its Chinese name. Located at the lower right side of the Ruins of Paul's, this stone-step inclined lane is about 100 meters in length and has become a newly popular tourist attraction for visitors to experience.

Travessa da Paixão in Macao Special Administrative Region, China.

Travessa da Paixão in Macao Special Administrative Region, China.

The beautiful Portuguese-styled buildings along the lane are well-preserved with the pastel pink and yellow exteriors, adding the sense of romance to the lane. The potted flowers lining the road look like as if they were hung from various buildings. In addition, there is a love movie theater specializing in showing some famous love-themed films, which makes it an ideal hidden site for dating.

Locals always say this place is a sacred destination for young couples to fall in love. Walking on this lane brings you an illusion of being in Europe. Tourists can take photos and capture the charming view of as they would definitely have something to brag about on social media. Nowadays, this love lane has become a popular filming location for many operas and movies. 

If you are wandering around Macao, remember to take a stroll along Travessa da Paixão for some stunning photos. Before you leave, you could get a sneak peak at the Ruins of St. Paul's at the end of the lane. 

Travel information

Transportation: As the lane is situated next to Macao's iconic site Ruins of St. Paul's, visitors can take bus line 8A, 18A, 18B, 18, 19 or 26 to Camoes Square, and then walk to the destination. 

Opening hours: All day

Recommended visiting hours: 1 hour

(Cover image designed by Du Chenxin and Li Jingjie)