Splendid sea of clouds at Mount Jiezhuo in SW China
Updated 19:40, 14-Oct-2020

Jinuo people have lived in Jinuoshan in Xishuangbanna in southwest China's Yunnan Province for generations. There are three mountains in Jinuoshan, namely,  Mount Jiezhuo, Mount Yanuo, and Mount Kongming. Watch the video and enjoy the splendid sea of clouds at Mount Jiezhuo.

About the "Go! Yunnan" series:

Yunnan Province in southwest China boasts spectacular natural landscapes, biodiversity and diverse ethnic groups. Among China's 56 recognized ethnic groups, 25 are in Yunnan. This livestream series will take you on tour to six cities or autonomous prefectures in Yunnan to see the little-known food, scenery and folk customs. Stay tuned for our upcoming livestreams! 

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(Video provided by Zhang Li.)

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