Revival in the Mountains | Episode 5: Helping One Another

Shuangfeng Forest Farm in Yifeng County in east China's Jiangxi Province has abundant bamboo resources with more than five million plants. In the past, people just used the main part of the bamboo and left branches on the mountains to rot, possibly blocking sunlight and harming the growth of shoots. Now, they turn the wasted bamboo tips into brooms, creating jobs for the elderly or residents with disabilities in Dongcun Village.

The broom factory has recruited 10 people from seven poor families. Their monthly earnings are now as high as 500 to 700 yuan per person. They work 10 months a year, which means everyone can make about 5,000 yuan annually. This is quite a lot for a poverty-stricken household.

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(Cover photo via screenshot; video filmed and edited by CGTN Nature's filming crew.)

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