'China in the Classics' – Book of Documents

"China in the Classics," an innovative cultural show produced by CMG, examines stirring stories of some of the most outstanding ancient Chinese classics through seminars, drama and visualization.

The show brings the classics "alive," demonstrating Chinese wisdom, ethos and values.

This episode features the "Book of Documents" and focuses on its discovery and restoration.

It presents the story of Fu Sheng, a protector of the book, and the stories it contains, such as how Yu the Great defined the nine provinces and the Battle of Muye.

It highlights the notion of integration and the people-oriented ideology that "the people are the root of a country."

Tian Qinxin, director of the National Theatre of China, is the artistic director of the show, in collaboration with such actors as Ni Dahong, Wu Yue and Song Jialun. 

"China in the Classics" presents a dialogue between "contemporary reader" Sa Beining and "ancient book protector" Fu Sheng on a multidimensional immersive stage.

It vividly presents the ideology in the book and enables audiences to experience the strong vitality of China's profound culture.

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