Being a bird requires a lot of skills, including architecture

If you are a male Baya weaver bird, you'll have to be an architect to build a perfect house before you can win the heart of a female. 

CGTN's contributing bird lover took some photos of a male in the middle of weaving grasses into a nest to prepare for its romance in late May in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

The process was also caught on video. Have a look!


On a nearby a tree, another male was waiting near its completed nest, confident that the "masterpiece" will attract someone.

 Finally, a female picked up the signal and decided to check this house out.


With the female content with her future house, the couple seemed ready to start a family.

Instead of sharing these photos right away, bird lover Fang Qiaoran delayed a few days to avoid exposing the locations of these nests and disrupting the bird's breeding.

According to Fang, the social bird lives by groups. She was able to spot about four nests and six birds altogether. Breeding males are distinguished by their bright yellow crowns. 

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(All images and videos by Fang Qiaoran)

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