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Talk to Sinologists: Translating Chinese works as a lifelong mission



In the CGTN interview series "East Encounters West: Talk to Sinologists," Martin Woesler, director of the International Chinese Studies Centre, Foreign Studies College of Hunan Normal University, explores his deep connection with the "Dream of the Red Chamber."

The series underscores the unique blend of personal passion and academic rigor among various sinologists and translators. It also examines the broader implications of their studies, suggesting that traditional Chinese philosophy could offer valuable insights into global challenges and help promote harmonious coexistence worldwide.

Following the one with Misha Tadd and his passion for the "Tao Te Ching," the second episode of the series focuses on Professor Woesler's experience in translating Chinese works, especially the "Dream of the Red Chamber," and his interpretation of friendship as the answer to the most challenging questions nowadays.

Supervisor: Liu Cong

Executive producer: Zhang Jingwen

Senior producer: Yang Sha

Producer: Zhu Yingming

Video editor: Qi Jianqiang

Graphic designer: Liu Shaozhen

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