Soft and sweet, just like a Baby's Breath

Baby's breath (Gypsophila) is a common cut flower often grown for decorative purposes. People usually use it to add a delicate look to bouquets. The tiny perennial flower clusters grow from a bushy plant. It's native to a variety of places including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The flowers are usually white, pink or violet. They usually bloom in spring and summer.

What is less known is that some baby's breath species have edible roots. The flower's extract is also thought to help against inflammation and is good as an anti-oxidant.

Since the flowers are often used in wedding bouquets, they are associated with everlasting love and affection. Because the flowers have an innocent look, they are called baby's breath, as a baby's breath is said to be very pure.

Here are some beautiful photos of this adorable plant.