Hainan Railway Museum: A window into railway history of Hainan
Updated 13:08, 17-Jan-2021

Rebuilt from Hainan Railway Corporation, Hainan Railway Museum is located in Basuo Town, Dongfang City. It is the largest and most informative railway museum in the south China island province.

Constructed in 1941, Hall No. 1 was originally a headquarter for invading Japanese troops. It collects rare materials on the history of the island's railway.

Hall No.2, founded in 1973, showcases the 40-year-long history of the Hainan Railway, with a large number of pictures and historical documents.

The museum has indoor and outdoor exhibits, and steam locomotive "6499" is an eye-catching outdoor display. It was the first mainline locomotive designed in China in 1986 and the last steam locomotive out of service in the history of Hainan Railway, which marks the official end of the steam era of Hainan Railway. 

Steam Locomotive "6499" is an outdoor display at Hainan Railway Museum. Qu Bo/CGTN

Steam Locomotive "6499" is an outdoor display at Hainan Railway Museum. Qu Bo/CGTN

Another locomotive in the museum was named "Meiling" because Soong Meiling, the sister of China's late honorary president Soong Ching-ling, had taken a ride before.

The museum keeps the traces of the Japanese invasion to document the history and showcases the achievements of Hainan's roundabout high-speed railway in the new era. 

(Cover image designed by CGTN's Yu Peng)

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