Life by the sea: Fish market and fishermen from Puqian Town

Facing the sea on three sides, Puqian Town in Wenchang City, south China's Hainan Province is rich in aquatic products. As a traditional fishing town, people here have made a living by fishing for generations. Except for the local speciality mackerel, other seafood such as lobster, prawn, crab and abalone are also popular in Hainan.

About 'Go! Hainan' series:

Featuring unspoiled tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and a rich culture, Hainan Province is the southernmost island province of China. Nicknamed "China's Hawaii," Hainan is on its way to becoming a free trade port. The "Go! Hainan" livestream series takes you on a new journey to explore the fantastic island and its underwater world.

(All images taken by CGTN's Li Liang, cover image designed by CGTN's Yu Peng)

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