Beibu Gulf Series | Episode 7: Sea and land

Beibu Gulf is embraced by land on three sides. Mudflats and reefs connect the sea and land. Nourishing matter from the land is funneled down the estuary to sustain the ocean's numerous creatures. This gigantic body of water absorbs and stores heat and energy. In December, with a whole year's worth of energy, it has turned the shoreline into a winter-time thermostat.

About 'Journeys in Nature': Beibu Gulf Series

Beibu Gulf, located in south China, is an important link between the southwestern regions of the country and the rest of the world. This area boasts not only economic vitality, but also ecological biodiversity. CGTN Nature's film crew traveled to the gulf and discovered rare animal and plant species, including Eden's whale, the Chinese white dolphin, the Malabar pied hornbill and the Francois' monkey, to name only a few.

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