Hidden World of Birds in City: A narrow escape

Editor's note: "Hidden World of Birds in City" is about exploring a world of birds that usually goes unnoticed in urban spaces. This episode features photographs from Wang Xiaobo, who has been bird-watching near his residential community in Beijing for the past eight years.

After a scorching but quiet summer, some birds have started to get active again. Just on Monday, Wang witnessed a breathtaking moment where a black-crowned night heron narrowly escaped the powerful claws of a peregrine falcon that, according to Wang, rarely has conflicts with other birds their size. With a swift, sudden turn, the lucky heron managed to escape the bully and flew away.

As the weather cools down, another bird migration will begin in most parts of China. Based on Wang's experience, the bird population during this migration is usually much less than the number seen in the spring migration every year. 

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